I love the story behind this garden makeover.  Gillian who writes My Tiny Plot in Bath, England used to have an allotment garden, but when she found out she was pregnant, traveling to the allotment became too much and she had her back garden redesigned to allow for more vegetable production closer to home.   Now, she has a little boy named Jackson and she gardens for a whole new set of reasons….(more to this little story after the makeover)

Gillian used to have an allotment because she loved fresh produce for cooking and gardening was a nice hobby.

Now with Jackson she gardens to provide him with the best baby food ever, a love a gardening and as she says…a view to the future and the ability to tell a carrot from a parsnip.

Check out the gallery for a few more ‘during’ shots of Gillian’s garden makeover.

But the story doesn’t end there…..In the spirit of teaching her own, Gillian created this little book.   “In it Jackson is the head gardener and is very good at sowing and growing and watering his seedlings. Occasionally, he encounters creatures that inhabit his garden; snails, bees, butterflies, ladybirds and worms. He learns how these help or hinder him in his efforts to grow and in the process how to be kind to them – yes even the snails!” – Gillian

You can find out more about getting your own copy of this charming self published gem at Jackson’s garden website. It even comes with seeds and stickers!

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