before and after makeover the block via www.pithandvigor.comI’ve never seen the US version of The Block, have you?  (supposedly it exists) It is based on an original Australian production by the same name and gist of this reality show is that couples compete by renovating a derelict property to sell it. There are eliminations, 24 hour TV crew filming and, clearly, lots of stress (teams have to share tools, showers and bathrooms too!).

before and after makeover the block via

Regardless of the fact that it sounds like makeover Armageddon, the results are nice.  I pulled these from The Block’s Show page and they are just a few of the remarkable makeovers that span the exteriors and the interiors of the little cottages.   I love this idea of block-wide makeovers – particularly if they are undertaken by residents that have not only a vested interest, but also (unlike a corporate project) will infuse individual personality.

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images from nine msn homes

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