Trees are falling outside and it is SO utterly distracting.  I have the TV on to try and distract from the sound of chainsaws and the occasional building shaking thud — it is simply not working to try and work through this…. I am headed out to take some photos of and then am heading off the New England Grows – the big landscape industry trade event here in Boston.

logging images from canada by sol lang

I hope to capture some interesting shots like these (if I am lucky).  These were taken by Sol Lang in Canada where the lumber industry is thriving.   While I am all emotionally mixed up about the trees, I know it is ultimately the right thing….(re-read my post with my tree downing explanation here) — but I can’t help that my eyes bug out of my head as these things fall – the sight is shocking, and the quick end is brutal.  But it is my optimistic hope that I won’t have to wait too long before something beautiful can come of the destruction.  So I am going to start with trying for some beautiful pictures today. I’m off – back tomorrow.

logging images from canada by sol lang

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