Score and Solder Terrariums

As I write more every day and continue to morph from plain old ‘Landscape Designer’ into ‘Landscape designer/writer/ editor/ Magazine founder’ I am increasingly fascinated by the power of just the right words.   These words (not to mention the beautiful product)  have inspired serious lust:

“a traveling gypsy, matthew cleland makes his beautiful pieces by hand. skills past down through ten generations and continued by this magician. with a flask in one and a soldering iron in the other, he brings you one of a kind pieces of art.”

I want a gypsy-made terrarium.  Bad.

terrariums by Score and Solder.

3 Responses to Gypsy-made Score & Solder Terrariums

  1. This is so pretty! It kind of looks like the one that encased the rose in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! Great recommendation!

  2. If you like these, i suggest you check out “Wardian” cases for an interesting historical overview of the plant terrarium….
    Here’s a snippet from the Wikipedia entry… “the Wardian case, was an early type of sealed protective container for plants, which found great use in the 19th Century in protecting foreign plants imported to Europe from overseas, the great majority of which had previously died from exposure during long sea journeys, frustrating the many scientific and amateur botanists of the time. The Wardian case was the direct forerunner of the modern terrarium (and the inspiration for the glass aquarium), and was invented by Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791–1868), of London, in about 1829 after an accidental discovery inspired him.”

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