gotham gardener nyc garden design rooftop terrace garden

Let me introduce you to Amber Freda – AKA the Gotham Gardener. (I would love that nick name) .  Amber creates gardens like this one in NYC.  Roof top gardens are particularly challenging sites.  There is heat, wind, access, building facilities and maintenance issues to compound any regular gardening and design challenges.  Regardless, Amber seems to have been able to create lush spaces like this one with the added benefit of dramatic skylines to make truly extraordinary gardens.

gotham gardener nyc garden design rooftop terrace garden

It is remarkable to me, while she and I largely share the same profession, her work day is quite remarkably different than mine purely by the nature of her environment.  It has me thinking about what other unique challenges other landscape designers and garden creators have to deal with that I might not.   On this topic, Anyone have a story to share?

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