Clinging to the slopes of a typical neighborhood of Marseilles, this terrace of 25 square meters offers  was designed by Claire Delahaye of SlowGarden in Marseilles France.
By hooking a window trompe l’oeil on the wall, she created a new perspective that makes this place more alive.

I am also and loving the layered cushions, it gives a playful ‘princess and the pea’ look as well as allowing for an easy change up of colors and styles in the garden.

Claire’s work largely seems to be on terraces in the south of France (my envy!!) , and her playful style is worth checking out for it’s interesting use of color, paint, and funky furniture.

3 Responses to Daily Garden: La Terrasse Rouge

  1. The stacked cushions look like yoga mats with cotton slipcovers. Which, come to think of it, would be so totally washable – a great combo.
    Love the cheerful color. Some of that red will fade in the sun – but that is part of the process- like a plant getting bigger. Fading will only make this collection of shades richer and add age patina. Well done.

  2. Dear Studio G,
    Thank you very much for this nice note about my work. I follow your blog every week so I’m very proud to be The “Daily garden” !!!
    I just add your wonderful blog link to my own page.
    Thank you and “see you” soon through your green discovers.

    Claire from Slowgarden.

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