golf and leaves garden in israel

My son is starting to become interested in all sorts of sports (that Wii from grandma at Christmas has opened up a whole new world).   He recently asked if we could build a golf area in our garden and I am actually considering it.  Maybe.  So I am intrigued to see a garden such as this, which I think successfully incorporates golf into the landscape without looking too much like a corporate place and while also maintaining a natural and inviting feeling.

golf and leaves garden in israel

This garden is in Israel and comprises 5 acres and an orchard.  The undulations of the landscape provide interest and surprising to me, the plants are remarkably similar looking to some of the things I would see here in New England (except for the many olive trees).   I imagine this to have stunning fall color given its many colored leaves at the time of year that these photos were taken.

golf and leaves garden in israel

I am also fascinated with the various grasses on the golf area.  I wonder if they are all actual living grasses or if some is an astro turf?  The detail on the decking is also pretty great.  I love blending the edges of man-made materials (like decking) with natural edges of stones.  It seems to give the design a more thoughtful blended feel.

What inspiration are you borrowing from this garden?

all images from bvd

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