I have discovered a (new to me) designer whose style I am busy trying to absorb and study.  I suspect we will probably have to chat about Isay Weinfeld more in the future (because there is just so much to learn!), but for now I am eager to share this garden with you.

isay weinfeld garden design

What do you seen that inspires you?  For me the list in long:

-Love the Rope screen — I need to think of a way to have sensuous rope strands – the modern earthy version of a groovy bead curtain – in my garden.

-Love the wall that was clearly planned to be planted in right from the beginning — for the moment, I so over plain old stone walls….rather, I’m much more into planted ones.

-Talk about fitting a lot into a small space….that water feature pool shares a foundation wall — and it takes up the whole side yard!….that has my mental wheels turning too….

-Love stone paths set in to water…so exciting and so weed-free.

-Natural Bamboo juxtaposed against  a white background works.

And the way the stone wall is perfect with the white furnished interior….saving on some other sort of interesting wall treatment (wallpaper?) is very cool.

interior garden

What do you adore or are learning from this?

images from isay weinfeld

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