Garden Tour: Rhone Street Goes to Gnomicscience

I’m keeping it light today as I have to get outside and make final preparations for this first Studio ‘g’ barn event.  I have a professioanl photographer coming along today so I am excited to share lots of pretty pictures with you as well as the results of the barn makeover. (tomorrow or the next day!)

Anaphalis margaritacea, Rudbeckia hirta, Liatris spicata, Sedum spectabile, Rhus typhina
But in the meantime, Check out this pretty garden tour of Ryan Miller’s garden (gnomiscience) conducted by Scott Weber of Rhone Street Gardens.  Scott has some mad photography skills and I am taking note of some pretty great plant combos.  Also, since I have spent the last few days harvesting berries and all sorts of goodies for this event, I have lots of lists going in my head for plants I want to grow specifically for their ability to help me make more fall arrangements.  Hypericum is chief among them.

hypericum by scott weber

Hop on over to Scott’s blog – Rhone Street Gardens to see the whole tour.

images Rhone Street Gardens

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out :-) Seeing Ryan’s garden in person was pretty awesome…he has a really interesting mix of plants. I especially loved the front garden area (top photo)…really nice use of form & color…and he even made me think about buying a Hypericum!

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