cut corten steel bus stop

Beauty at the bus stop.  Laser cut corten steel (with glass panels fit inside) certainly make a handsome place to wait for a ride.

Design by Hild und K Architekten.  Found via Dana Garden design.

Yes, I am still having a personal obsession with corten steel as a garden design material.

3 Responses to Corten Steel Bus Stop

  1. hey, I’m all for metals and their patina in a garden, or bus stop, but my Susie Homemaker side wonders if this functional art leaves rust stains should you brush against the steel….a bummer if business clothes acquired the same patina too..

  2. @p Bargar, I’m hearing you on the possible rust problem on clothes. There’s an upside. Those nightly intruders who insist on recladding public erections with there own spray on artistic impressions may get tarnished with it, hey presto, evidence. Just a thought.

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