andy goldsworthy stacked stone cone idaho garden randy thueme

There isn’t an Andy Goldsworthy work (or even an Andy Goldsworthy copy-cat work) in existence that I don’t adore.  There is something about bringing rustic and natural elements into these highly organized forms that endlessly appeals to me.  This sculpture is in a garden created by Randy Theume in Idaho.  The challenge was to blend the garden with the wild surroundings.   I think what was done here is absolute perfection.  The simple lines of the stacked stones (I wonder if they were all found on-site?) and the fence carve out a perfect scene.   I am trying to sort out the building of that fence.  I wonder if each level is attached to just the layers above and below or if there is an internal pole that goes through all the layers to hold it sturdy.  Either way, it is a work of art.

rustic fence and horse sculpture idaho garden randy thueme

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  1. I just wanted to say that I was SO excited to see your post over on Apartment Therapy today! Yay! I can’t wait to read your columns. 🙂

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