I am not terribly partial to looking though garden gadget catalogs.  Yes, I know that there are lots of tools that could help me to do things more efficiently, but in the end, I am not that organized, I want to spend my money on other things and I garden like I go through life…head first — and too many tools would imply I have given things a bit more thought that I usually have.  I mention this because the Pamela Crawford Side Planting System is one of those gadget-y things that I wouldn’t give a second glance.   But then I saw these pictures…

pamela croawford containerplanting system window boxes and container garden

and I thought, well, if I need a gadget to get that, maybe I ought to re-think this anti-gadget stance. This is the home of Keith Phelps, manager of Country Farm & Home Gift and Garden Center ….. and he practices what he preaches.   Between the lushness and the particularly perfect plant color choices for this house, this garden really takes my breath away.

4 Responses to Garden Gallery: Container and Window Boxes, Oh My!

  1. Those must be on a drip system. That much plant matter in that small a root ball much have a near-continuous water source.

  2. Not on a drip system…house faces due south…water once a day making sure to saturate througherly…use soil moist(water retention product) blended in with the the container mix in the boxes…box also holds a large volume of soil…GREAT SYSTEM!!!

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