red house garden via

Padriac Cassidy is inspiring the heck out of me today.  As if that modern green tile pool wasn’t enough, here is another sweet project.  The circle pavers kinda blow my mind.


I can’t tell if this pool is a square, but regardless, it has me thinking that square is a pretty interesting way to go.  The coping on this is exciting too, it is flush with the decking and appears to be pebbles set into concrete (hopefully just high enough to provide some traction but not so high as to hurt your feet.)



Padriac also designed the entire house — head to his website (and then click through to his facebook profile) to see more of the interiors.

2 Responses to Garden Gallery: The Red House Pool Garden

  1. if the pool is square, that’s totally not square but way groovy!! and the color of the house–why is it i love almost everything in that chinese red!!

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