laura spector garden arbour

Laura Spector‘s art falls into the category of Modern Master — I don’t put too many things or people in the category, but she certainly qualifies.  Her pieces are beautiful celebrations of woody vines and branches that create some of the most beautiful garden furniture and arbors I have ever seen.  Make sure to click through to her website to see other pieces of her work that are for the interior of the home too.

Thanks Louise for sending me the link!

laura spector garden bench

front door laura spector arbour

2 Responses to Laura Spector’s Garden

  1. For the most part, as long as the furniture is comfortable, the creativity and uniqueness make these a wonderful conversation piece to most gardens.

    As I looked over her work at , I am more partial to the arbors, benches, and completely natural pieces more than I am the other furnishings. The outdoor furniture is really great and interesting.

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