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You might remember early last December when we had a terrible ice storm here. While we still are cleaning up, we have decided to try and creatively put to good use, some of the downed wood. Our Guinea Hen coop is going to be constructed of as much downed wood as we can manage. Because neither my husband or I are particularly talented woodworkers, I am on the hunt for inspiration and how-tos. Romancing the Woods has me thinking about projects well beyond coop. Their products are beautiful and their website is a goldmine for discovering pretty, historic, garden properties that I have never heard of. (that also happen to have a feature constructed by the talented romancing the woods crew).

2 Responses to Romancing the Woods – Rustic Gardens

  1. I have a friend that does similar work in eastern white cedar. I’ll have to show him the tepee. Not sure if it will be the pic or an example – I want one in my garden.

  2. I had their catalog out on my studio table today! I’m designing a rustic entry for a benefit at a wonderful local arboretum called Art in the Garden Live! We’re using timber found in the 3+ acres of woodland on the property itself. It will only exist for a day or two…here’s a link to the benefit.

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