Sneeboer makes tools that are on my personal short list of things worth spending a little more money for.   They have developed a new tool that made the Best New Product Shortlist at Chelsea.  It is designed specifically for women and it is meant to be used as you walk backwards (leaving you with a fine tilth and no foot prints and less risk of replanting weeds with your feet).

neebooer garden how for women via www.pithandvigor.comI am dubious on the claim that there is no backache and no need to bend — being 5’10 — this is rarely the height that these things are designed for.  But I am sure if you are between 5’5 and 5’8 it will probably be great.  And the handle shape is something I would like to give a try.  I think it would be very comfortable and more ergonomic that just a straight handle.

sneeboer garden tool There are 13 products on the short list for ‘best new product’ and they are all interesting.  Since I have this tendency to disagree with RHS judges (and don’t know yet which will win), I will be sharing all the the nominees for best new garden product all week and at the end of the week will post a survey on Facebook so that we can choose our own favorite.

Check out the other contestants:

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2 Responses to Sneeboer’s Royal Dutch Hoe

  1. I really like the handle since it is supposed to prevent blisters. This would be great for me, because I always seem to forget my gardening gloves!

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