I know this news might not be as exciting to you as it is to me….but nonetheless my excitement for this announcement borders (irrationally) on the level of engagements and new babies.  WE HAVE DECIDED ON A PAINT COLOR FOR THE BARN!

I know that might not seem that momentous ….but given that we have mulling it over and changing our minds for YEARS — all the while the poor barn has sadly waited for the TLC it desperately needs  — to us it feels as epic an announcement as we have had in some time.

So here it is:

Featured in: 2011 Photography Annual Structures. Eric van den Brulle, photographer  via www.pithandvigor.com

I am taking this image to the paint store for color matching, and we are going to finish with the same white trim.

What do you think of mossy green barns?…a carpenter arrives this weekend to help us get it ready to paint.  So I am giving ourselves no time to change our minds.  But (since I have made this into a completely neurotic decision) do you like it?

5 Responses to The Green Barn

  1. I do like it! Such a large building should be gently connected with its landscape and the green should do a very good job.

  2. Dear Rochelle, this looks like a moss green stain, and not an opaque paint. Gorgeous! Having painted all of the trim on my house a dark mossy green (I am telling you this from memory-Benjamin Moore Turtle Green) I will say that sunlight does affect dark colors over time-especially colors that have yellow in them. I think yellow is what they call a fugitive color-age and light changes it. I do hope you post a picture of said barn after you are done painting it! Deborah

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