unknown cherry

Any ideas what this is?  I am in love with the clusters and I am so hopeful that one of you can share with me the exact variety, and then I can research it to discover that it will grow beautifully in my soon to be private orchard and grape co-op and that then I can go and find a beautiful specimen at a great price that can arrive just in time for spring planting.  It’s a whole line of dominoes that need to fall but If I can string it together, I just know I will have garden nirvana and ultimately (some day) ‘to-die-for’ boozy cherries in my pantry that I promise to share with whoever can identify it.

image from picker shack

5 Responses to Name That Cherry Tree?

  1. Also this from our nsy front desk: “… some poss. choices if this tree is a sweet cherry and planted in western Washington – ‘Sam’ which is jet black, Van black shiny black fruit,Angela large black or maybe Vandalay large black. The Washington Fruit Grower Assoc. may also be a good contact as they do fruit tasting demo’s and ID’s of fruits thru the growing/fruiting season”.


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