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I never feel like I have many great little gems tucked away in my neck of the woods. But I think I might suffer from a ‘grass is greener’ sort of mentality, because when I sit down to really think about it….there are some very interesting places around here and Bonsai West is one of them.

tucker the dog bonsai garden littleton massachyusetts

Not only is it a one stop *huge* shop for all things Bonsai – but the gardens that await when you pass through to relatively uninspiring front are really extraordinary. It is easily an acre or more of Bonsai of all sorts, available for purchase, and interestingly and artistically placed all though the shop’s gardens.

For the bonsai enthusiast it is a must see place but even for the casual gardener it is worth a stop for a little mini tree inspiration. It really is more than a garden shop, it is an art gallery the likes of which rival any bonsai special exhibit I have ever seen.

Bonsai West is located in Littleton, MA.

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  1. beautiful pictures! I also love bonsai outlet for my bonsai addiction. I just got some < beautiful Bonsai containers from Tom's Thumb Pottery that were 10% off (my friend gave me a special promotional code “bonsaithanks” and it’s worked for me every time! I know I can’t get the Tom Thumb bonsai pots anywhere else unless I drive to Maine, so it’s a special treat! :o)

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