I have a new project at a modern home built on a huge outcrop of Puddingstone.  The property is so unique and interesting and the landscape that we are developing will hopefully be the same.  Because there is really little dirt to work with, and moss seems happy to grow naturally, we are working to make the moss even more of a feature.  In working out our plans at the property, I have discovered Moss Acres.  They are answering all my questions about creating a moss garden and perusing the projects that they have been involved with are so inspiring.  Aren’t these beautiful?

moss acres moss garden andropogon associates philadelphia pa

design by Andropogon Associates, Philadelphia

moss acres moss garden Bob Sherertz, Pfafftown, NC

design by Bob Sherertz, Pfafftown, NC

moss acres moss garden Janette Dubray - Dubray Outdoor Care in Kent CT

design by Janette Dubray – Dubray’s Outdoor Care in Kent CT

The best part about moss is that it needs little care and when without water it doesn’t really die, it just chages color but then springs back with a little rain.  Really is quite a good ‘green’ alternative to grass (lame pun intended).

3 Responses to Moss Acres: Get rid of Grass Once and For All

  1. The moss is so gorgeous. You feel like you would just like to lay down on it, so velvety! What about maintenance? Can you just sweep off the leaves, twigs etc that fall on it?

  2. Oh WOW! Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been trying to come up with a new idea for my front yard for two years now, and picture #2 completely encapsulates the look I want! Thank you thank you!

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