I am obsessing over the perfect tree to plant in the middle of what is now a weed infested gravel patio (and will this season be transformed in the a series of patios, paths, an organized herb garden and hopefully, eventually, an outdoor spa area.  The latest consideration in my quest is  Davidia involucrata.

But it is slow…..oh so slow growing and at 2-3′ now — I might someday be able to sit beneath it with my grandchildren.  I simply don’t think I can wait….so I am considering planting it elsewhere — like right in sight of my bedroom window perhaps….wouldn’t this be a wonderful view to wake to?

One Response to Patio Tree: Davidia involucrata – Dove Tree

  1. This tree looks insanely beautiful. I run the test garden at Sunset Magazine and take classes at City College in SF, and I eat up all of your posts. Thought it was finally time to tell you. Best, Johanna

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