Craig at Ellis Hollow just made the most interesting posting that I think you hotel owners/ developers and property managers that (hopefully) read this blog might be interested in.  Pink Ugly mix — to save your beautiful Christmas-like trees from poaching.   The formula was originally developed by Gerardo Sciarra from Cornell University.  Pink Ugly Mix is a red spray that turns trees icky pink as it dries.  The substance, which is made of water (1gallon), Wilt-pruf (4oz), red food coloring (2 oz) and hydrated lime (15 oz – not agricultural) actually improves the soil as it wears off. Genius!!

Pink Ugly Mix

Oh– and while the name implies they are ugly….I think they look a little festive….

One Response to Pink Ugly Mix

  1. That old picture doesn’t do it justice. I had a camera with me when I passed by some recently treated evergreens and snapped a few pictures. Their treatment now is far more subtle, and I think most passersby won’t even notice it. They just look vaguely diseased — enough so that on close inspection you wouldn’t want it for an inside tree but not so much that it looks all that bad in the landscape.

    Hopefully I’ll have them posted tomorrow.

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