cut lilacs at NYC greenmarket April 29th 2011

I am so sorry to just be getting to my Weekend Things on Sunday night, but I escaped my regular life for a couple days and that prevented me from getting to this earlier.   I went to NYC with a couple friends.  It was a much needed mini break.  We ate great food, wandered and even visited a fantastic Farmers Market (put on by Greenmarkets of NYC).   Anyway, while you still have a few hours left in the weekend, maybe you want to check out a few of these links?

— An exciting idea for people with  Cellars.

— The Sunshine is coming, are you ready?

Oldies but Goodies.

–Odds are low, but It would be nice.  But hurry.

Did you catch My Apartment Therapy Post this week?  — we discussed lessons from The Garden Diva (Laura Crockett’s)  own Garden.

And also here is a run down of all the rest of this weeks conversations:

A take from the Big Wedding

A Sofa makeover,  a front garden makeover, and a refreshed hillside garden.

An Eckersly Deck Garden and new landscapes at the Battersea Power Station.

A lovely Love Garden.

And a double horticultural dose — Plant Obsessions and a Top 5 Plant list.

Reviews of a Recycled Tire Trug.

DIY: Planting Table.

Moss and Stone Gardens

Materials: Nature made Paints

and finally – Garden Destinations:  The Dillon Garden

See you in the morning….and Happy May Day!

(image – lilacs from greenmarket in NYC)

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