Still lacking internet access– so I’m quickly sharing something that I have been meaning to for soo soo long. These images were from Elle Decor a few months back but I am still lusting after this garden and way of life.
1) Is this not the most amazing firepit? I love the idea of using glass for the backrest leaving a clear view of the ocean beyond. I wonder if you get used to leaning on what visually seems like nothing?

kitchen window house bar garden

2) A breakfast bar set up to the outside. Genius, and utterly perfect in southern California. If I didn’t live in a place where weather regularly causes us to loose power and internet access for days, I would have this sort of set up.

images via elle decor

One Response to Inspiration: A couple crazy Cool Ideas from Courtney Cox’s Garden

  1. My source of inspiration is a website of landscape company in Vancouver, BC. They are posting pictures from their commercial and residential landscape installation and maintenance projects on their website every month. Go take a look at their slideshow

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