Do you know about Atuto?  Atuto produces hand crafted garden goods in the mountains of Honduras.  In a country where a large part of the population has no work, each job is precious and Atuto serves the people of Honduras with employment as well as community services. Atuto’s founder, Holland Millis, created the Ambos Foundation in 1998 in response to the devastation caused by hurricane Mitch. Through the Ambos foundation, at-risk children are provided with day care, food, school supplies and uniforms. Impoverished elderly are given housing and care. And, funding is made available for construction and repair of homes and sanitary systems, and for basic health care services. The Ambos foundation is supported by Atuto and its clients.

atuto garden accessories

Atuto’s artisans create beautiful garden objects using clay, wood, metal and stone, celebrating the long history of traditional craftsmanship in this beautiful Central American nation.  Atuto designers jill rosenwald and randy ouzts each have a great eye for unique, earthy and interesting garden ornamentation and furniture.

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  1. I know this is random, but I saw your old post there about your baby keets. You were going to post pictures of them as they grew, how are they doing? Also, I absolutely love your blog. I live in Dublin and the sunny pictures of beautiful gardens is so lovely on the gray and rainy days here. Keep up the great work- hope you get the award on mouse & trowel!

  2. Sadly our keets were ravaged by our neighbors dogs…[email protected]! — but we have Turkeys now instead…thanks for asking….have you seen the pictures of the turkeys? They are in this post — The coop is all repaired and I think they are safer now… We are getting chickens though in about 6 weeks. Lots of unique and different varieties. We have decided to raise mostly rare breeds as many rare breed farm animals are actually endangered!

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