And Speaking of Heather Lenkin….check out her garden….images by brewbooks during a Northwest Horticulture Society tour in 2006.

Heather’s Pasadena garden is comprised of 21 different garden rooms on a hillside.  Each room seems to have a new surprise.  The turquoise room not only features these beautiful balls and matching  plants but also a fog machine that definitely creates a certain mood.

Throughout the garden there are exciting details that make each space unique and interesting.

I love this idea of having fun with sculpture….cherubs in a garden would communicate a certain stuffiness that I would generally avoid….but suspending them over head takes them down a notch and makes them playful and quite  funny.  Would you agree?

The other thing that I am enjoying is having a poke around her garden and then having a poke around her design portfolio…you can certainly see how a designer tries things out experiments before carrying an idea into a clients property.

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