Bubble Themed garden pool bubble lights
Though I generally don’t do theme’s, this is appealing to me. The repeated use of spheres in the lights and in the pool decor is interesting, and even without all the floaties, the lights could stand alone. Has anyone seen these anywhere? I am not sure who makes these fixtures. Perhaps they are not a permanent thing and simply paper lanterns stacked?¬† Either way this looks like a party I would like to attend wouldn’t you?

6 Responses to Daily Garden: The Bubble Garden

  1. It’s hard to say. I have strung paper lanterns together like this and hung them out of big pin oaks for a party i did at my offices. It worked fantastically. I have really enjoyed following your posts. if you’d like go to jhillenmeyer.com and there is a link for my blog. Let me know what you think.

  2. Should have put this with my first comment, but there is a “how to” and a few others that can be diy-ed as well.

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