daniel bruce rustic room installation garden neon

Have you ever seen something and realized it is exactly what you are looking for, but didn’t know it until you saw it?  I have been wanting something neon for my garden for a while, but mostly my shopping has turned up only the lamest of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer signs on Ebay and collectibles, that while cool, are completely outside of my price range.   I have considered taking a course in Neon Sign Making — but have yet to find one.

Daniel Bruce’s exhibition called Rustic Room is probably also beyond my funding, but is the perfect inspiration for what I want.   I (of course) love that his pieces are all garden related (for the most part at least — I don’t yet associate guns with gardens — but that may change — the woodchuck is still pushing my patience) and in the monochrome color scheme, they appeal to a sense of modernism.    I am most lusty over the wheelbarrow — I would put it on the side of a shed near a garden utility area where it would wait for the garden visitor to discover it as they rounded the corner.

daniel bruce rustic room wheelbarrow garden neon art

images (and more)  from minimal expositions.

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