My beautiful home grown gourds from last year’s garden are finally dried (yes it seems to have taken a full 12 months).  But now I am finally trying to figure what to make of them.  I am quite taken with these lovely (made from gourds) garden lamps from studiotempera on Etsy.

turkish gourd lamps

Last week while shooting for an upcoming article in Leaf Magazine I came across a huge tableful of stained and polished gourds.  This is kinda the way of things are Brimfield….you really just never know what there will be a big table of around the next corner.   I really like these too — and they would be much simpler to create….but then I am not sure what I would do with them.   Which would you do?….the obviously complicated and potentially tricky (but more impressive) lamps, or the simple stained (but  nicely earthy) versions.

stained gourds at brimfield

4 Responses to Gourd Projects

  1. How many gourds are you looking at? Are you marketing the outcome?

    I’m totally captivated by the lanterns, myself.

    I keep wondering if I can grow the basket gourds here in Phoenix. Those are so cool.

  2. Jenn – I only have 2 gourds — I had more but gave them to kids school for projects – so this time, they will just be for me.
    Nikki – I want to know too — and if it will hold up outside.

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