Another find for you here on Friday.   I have been considering planting  willow whips to grow into a tunnel for my little people to play in and this website is so inspiring to me.  They have a huge collection of willow products and can be hired to design and plant a whole variety of custom willow structures. I really enjoyed the Life at Willow Farm slideshow…it looks to be quite and enviable beautiful life.

the willow farm pescadero california

This picture just makes me happy.  What a great Shot!

willow continuous fence waddle fence

willow sphere will farm garden accent

willow light covers and will hogan tent

Those on the right are obviously great structures but are meant as light covers.

willow panels

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  1. Did you see your post about Worcester characters was carried in this week’s Worcester Magazine?! I linked it last week on, so lots of Worcester people can maybe keep an eye out for these characters…

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