As the winter warms to spring, I am looking to build on to our tree platform…make it a tree house once and for all… I am forever in search of new inspiration as I just can’t decide which direction to take with this project (I often have that problem when I am working on my own home). Anyway, here are some new pictures that I have turned up recently from some really great blogs.

treehouse inspiration glass fronted beautiful

I found this one over at Pia Jane Bijerk’s amazing blog.

Tree house from twins garden

This one came from The Twins garden…a great blog if you have any interest in fabric (like I do).

4 Responses to Treehouse inspiration

  1. Wow, those are amazing treehouses! I especially love the first image (and adore Pia’s blog, isn’t she amazing?!)

    To answer your question from earlier with the macrame, perhaps it’s a bit of both. Macrame seems to be coming back, and you enjoy it, remember it from the past and enjoy the newness of it again. I find myself doing that. But then when the “trend” is passed again, are we allowed to still like it?

  2. I’m literally and figuratively dreaming of such
    abodes! Earth ships,yurts,treehouses! Thanks for
    furthering the inspiration! Look on my architecture board
    at Pinterest! I’d have to build it myself bec. I’m a
    teacher (art teacher where they give us furlow days)and a cancer survivor!! Almost 5 yrs.!
    No $$ for fancy!

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