Do you know much about Shell House history?  I don’t and I wish I did.  I have seen a few here and there, mostly in pictures or gardens of old english estates.  Shell houses and grotto’s were quite fashionable at one time.  Trends come and go though, and I am wondering if there might be a good reason to bring this one back.  Blott Kerr- Wilson is a shell artist that has been working to restore old shell houses that still exist, but is also creating a new generation of these fascinating structures.   I am completely taken with her handi-work and am quite inspired.   Apparently shell houses used to be the culmination of gathering shells from your travels (a lot of shells and a lot of travels seems like they would be a bit of a status symbol)  but it sounds like more recently her projects have been the result of gathering local materials (now there IS a trend).   Blott works on both interiors and exteriors and is currently working on a  grotto landscape in Florida.

Shellhouses by blott wlson

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