Oh 80’s with all your garish blue eyeshadow, big fat shoulders and stink inducing jelly shoes….I wish you to stay far far away….except for those neon parts.  I miss those bright colors just enough to let them back in.  But this time, I will take them  in neat and tidy versions (as opposed to paint splattered across a sloppy off the shoulder sweatshirt) and I want them to elevate the natural things around them…instead of giving me vertigo in the black lights of Skate City.   I want you in my garden….I like the way you look there.

neon fashion trend garden inspiration

Welcome back Neon, just leave your other 80’s friends at the door please.

Clockwise from top left.  Custom Made Neon Lamps (Made to Order), Steel Life shallow root vessel planters available at Rypen,  Fatboy Hammock also at Rypen, Dip Dyed tableclot project from house to homeAcapulco Chair, Instructions for making the DIY pots at The Proper PinWheel.

Euphorbia polychroma image from Plowing through Life


One Response to Garden Fashion: The Neon Trend

  1. This post is so timely!

    I’m designing my city garden and I’m using neon details. Love it! This blog is such a great resource. So happy I found it 🙂

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