2 Responses to I want that hat!

  1. great inspiration.
    I’m in the process of designing a hat for the upcoming last S.F. garden show.
    During a brief hiatus from landscape design I went to N.Y. and studied millinery at
    FIT and landed a part time job in the millinery dept. at the Met. Opera House.
    Great experience.
    I hope I can pull a chapeau together by the time the show rolls around.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. wow ,michelle….a milliner.. so cool. I was thinking of doing a whole thing on Philip Treacy…who I love but cannot afford, (and may still – esp now that I know I have someone who appreciates/ maybe even needs – the inspiration.)

    Good Luck with the hat…I would love to see the final result…maybe post it here?

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