This little video just knocked my socks off. It is beautifully illustrated and oh so clear….it is based on this poem:

Tant de forêts arrachées à la terre
Et massacrées

Tant de forêts sacrifiées pour la pâte à papier
Des milliards de journaux
attirant annuellement l´attention des lecteurs
sur les dangers du déboisement des bois et des forêts

Jacques PRÉVERT “La pluie et le beau temps”
Éd. Gallimard, 1955

Here is the english (as translated by google translate — and decidedly a little rough…poetry and google translate I suspect are not good friends – if you can do a better translation, by all means, speak up!)

So torn earth forests
And massacred

So sacrificed for pulp forests
Billions of newspapers
attracting the attention of readers annually
the dangers of deforestation woods and forests

I think you get the idea though…a trailer of a short film that is based on a French poem written in 1955 that speaks to the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves…I’d love to see the film.
Tant de Forêts – trailer from Burcu & Geoffrey on Vimeo.

2 Responses to TANT DE FORÊTS…

  1. Forests that are owned by paper companies have economic value AS FORESTS. So there is a strong motivation to not deforest them, even if it were allowed. Clearcutting only happened in the US when people didn’t have to actually buy the land they were cutting from or when land was exceptionally cheap. Now land is expensive and would take many harvests to equal the market price.

    It would be a great message…if it were not utterly backward and stupid. Land is cleared for many things. In first world countries, paper is not one of them.

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