Mac Carbonell created The Flowerbox Building on the lower east side of NYC in 2007. It is a remarkable inspiration particularly for any building that could use a little push when it comes to creating landmark status. The Flowerbox Building
Study this building and imagine it without the plants – nice windows, but fairly unremarkable architecture (as urban buildings go) but with the planters and plants it is simply show stopping. Hospitality properties, particularly urban ones and particularly those that occupy existing architecture can struggle to differentiate their building among all others and something like this can truly be do-able. I thought I would post today not only these inspirational pictures but a few products that could be used to create the look.
Smith and Hawken offered these modern planters earlier this season.
Smith and Hawken Flowerboxes

And these are interesting. I think they have potential – if some real thought is put to the color combinations of the plants with the containers. (from square rectange hex planters

Flowerbox BuildingThere are more than 80 different species in the planters and while I can tell you that such an application would easily cost a not unremarkable sum for seasonal upkeep and refreshing, the value added to both the interior and the exterior experience would have a far greater ROI than just an overhaul of the façade.

2 Responses to FlowerBox Garden Buildings

  1. The Smith and Hawken thing is pretty but… those pots are gonna dry out in 10 minutes in the summer- succulents would be the only way to go…
    and the primary color planters are AWESOME… but maybe not with Fuchsia in them???

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