Before & After: A Surprise Backyard Makeover



The story behind this Before & After is really sweet. Kent’s brother and siser-in-law were going through some difficult times with health and finances, due to a closing small business, and maintaining their backyard was probably the last thing on their to-do list. And, making chores nearly impossible, Kent’s sister-in-law had to travel to a month long pain management course for migraine sufferers. Being that she’d be gone for so long, he wanted to turn the couple’s backyard into a nice retreat that they could find some solitude in. The problem was that Kent didn’t have enough money to fund something like this, so it felt more like a pipe dream than anything else. But of course you know I wouldn’t be posting this if there wasn’t a happy ending…

before & after, makeover, mulch

A few weeks before Laura’s travels, Kent was talking to her mom while cutting her hair (he’s a hair stylist) and told her what he wished he could do for Laura, if only he had the money. Laura’s mom loved the idea and basically told him that if he could do the work, she would write him a check and that they could consider it even. He was sold on the idea and got to work as soon as Laura left. As you can see, a lot of work went into this yard, and it turned out beautifully. The mulch is a huge improvement and the gazing globe and chiminea look great. I really loved the story behind this one. You can find more photos over at Faithfully Dangerous. Nice job, Kent! -erin

If you have a before &after that you’d like to see featured on Studio ‘g’, send us an email and tell us about it!

Images from: Faithfully Dangerous

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