Before & After: Sherry and John’s Sweet Hangout

before, after, makeover, porch

I’ve mentioned before how much I love rooms that feel like they’re an extension of the landscape, and today I found one that I am pretty excited about. I used to follow Young House Love back when Sherry and John were remodeling their first house, and I couldn’t wait to do that kind of stuff to my own house. Well, I kind of fell off the DIY weekend warrior bandwagon when I realized that I work on the weekends and when I do have a weekend off, it seems that I’m more of a weekend wanderer than a weekend warrior. But anyway back to the space…here is where they are with it now:

before, after, makeover, sunroom, porch,


They ripped out the windows and ceiling and did a few other things as well, turning it into one huge lounge space. It looks like it would be a pretty great house to have a party at, don’t you think? I’m really digging it so far, and I love their vision behind this. Of course, it’s still a work in progress, but I think it already looks awesome as-is. Nice work, as usual, Sherry and John! -erin

If you have a great before & after that you’d love to share with the Studio ‘g’ community, send us a few photos and a brief story!

Images from: Young House Love





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