Before & After: The Crack Garden by CMG

A garden can really be created anywhere, if you don’t beleive me then you will after you see this garden….A concrete jungle is nothing a jackhammer, some dirt and the plants that colonize the cracks in a urban environment can’t handle.

Designed by CMG

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4 Responses to Before & After: The Crack Garden by CMG

  1. Isn’t this a great idea- kinda fun and fresh. This design won an ASLA residential award in 2209. Incidentally their SF office is hiring a LA with 3-5 yrs. experience.

  2. That’s beautiful, and such an improvement over the blank concrete.
    My husband wants to replace our cracked driveway – not any more! I could make a smiley face or a diamond pattern. Maybe the traditional quartered square with a circle in the middle. I know there are plants we can drive over because they are there now. But besides dandelions and chickweed, creeping jenny might do well, or thyme. Imagine getting out of the car to be met by an herbal cloud. Hmm. Lavender in the middle circle? Mint?

  3. When we were house-hunting, I was dismayed to see how many people had paved their yards with a concrete slab. We kept joking that if we bought one of those homes, I’d be getting a jackhammer as a housewarming gift.

  4. Is the Crack Garden maintained with a crack hoe?

    Sorry to be a cranky commenter on your blog, but I’m astonished that it got an ASLA award, and I noticed in the write-up in LAM that the other residents took it out and installed a real garden as soon as Conger moved out. I think it’s worth blogging about, but not worth keeping in your backyard more than a season or two.

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