Before & After: Tim & D’Arcy’s Toronto Backyard

Before and after number two (I have one more on the way)…

before and after garden makeover toronto

This is Tim and D’Arcy’s back garden in Toronto, Canada.  I really like the checkerboard paver/ grass patio.  I never stop being amazed by how much bigger gardens seem when you get rid of large blocks of grass and break it up into a flow of garden rooms (or areas).  I think it helps too, that they painted the shed in the back brown so that it would visually recede rather than leaving it red making the garden seem shorter.  What do you like about this garden?

Thanks Tim for sending these!

before and after garden makeover toronto canada

Have a before & after you’d like to share on studio ‘g’? Email right here with your images.

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4 Responses to Before & After: Tim & D’Arcy’s Toronto Backyard

  1. This make-over is so perfect! It’s still nice underfoot too. I quite like that they didn’t pave over the a big area for a patio and left it with grass growing between the pavers so the rain can still go through. That softens the look. And the planting is quite lush and it looks like they’ve even managed a little pond.

  2. My favorite part is the path between the garden beds. I like when it feels as though you can take a little stroll and give yourself a tour.

    We are just designing our own garden, and your blog is great inspiration, so thank you!

  3. I love the fact that they made such good use of what appears to be a small urban space. I also love this simple yet eco-friendly patio. It is obviously not an impervious surface and they seems to be ok with clover and some weeds in the grass which is great.

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