How to Make Your Own Strawberry Tower

strawberry harvest

image by Rosina

If you have been reading studio ‘g’ for a while, you might remember one of my first ever posts.  It was about a strawberry tower that I was crushing on (and nearly two years later, I still am).  That tower seemed like it would forever be out of my reach because the 6 ft version is over $600 (including shipping).  But patience is a virtue…because, I have now found the very same (though in treated wood rather than cedar) tower for less than half the price here…..and also I have found instructions for making your own here.… I am hoping that some handy man (husband, dad, grandpa?) in my life will be inclined to build me one of these for Mother’s day (or maybe my birthday?) –  my strawberries need to be moved to the protective confines of my vegetable garden.  I am simply tired of sharing my beautiful fruit with Mr. Woodchuck and Madam deer.

strawberry tower DIY how to

image from 3 lil acres.

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3 Responses to How to Make Your Own Strawberry Tower

  1. I think if I was going to make it, I would make the base smaller. It seems to me that the design you linked to will require a lot more potting soil than the strawberries really need, which can get expensive.

  2. beautiful! It would be gorgeous with wave petunias, too.
    Would you water it with a sprinkler on top? Or snake some soaker hose through it before the dirt, and leave a connector?
    I can picture it with a spinning owl or hawk on top to keep birds away. Chipmunks eat berries too. But they are cuter. I leave the wild strawberries for them.

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