Inspired by: Stuart Frost’s Scorched Wood

scorched wood art from Stuart Frost

I seem to never fail to find so many works of Environmental Art to be supremely inspirational.   Stuart Frost has created a series of works across the globe with some in Albuquerque, NM, some Taipei and this one (above) in Denmark that are so exciting for a pattern lover like me.

The works are created by scorching the wood of un-living trees.  These Elms, Cottonwoods and even bamboo are adorned with stunning patterns that are eye-catching yet perfectly at home in their surroundings.

I can’t begin to imagine the technique that must go into creating such masterpieces, but the idea of scorching patterns on fencing, wood benches, or other garden elements is swimming in my head.

cottonwood tree scorched wood art from Stuart Frost

scorched bamboo art from Stuart Frost

See more in the gallery as well as make a visit to Stuart’s Website where more of his amazing environmental artwork can be enjoyed.

Images from Stuart Frost.

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