Rustic French DIY Garden Tags

I have been trying to use my failing french skills by perusing foreign language blogs….It is a struggle ( I think I need to pull out the Rosetta Stone) but pictures speak volumes and I think I have figured out the recipe for making these ‘tres chic’ garden tags.

DIY Garden Tags
Caro and Alain
suggest this project be made in the garden at a table under the shade of a tree (so french romantic!).

What you need:
raffia or string
small pieces of wood (I think that a pack of shims might be an excellent choice)
a felt pen or a Sharpie
pieces of bamboo (about 18 inches tall) (cut it from you garden or buy at craft store)
Cut out as many pieces as wish from the wood for labels ( each measuring about 1″ x 4″). Make a small notch in the end of the bamboo to fit the width of the label against the surface of the bamboo. Cut string approximately 20 inches long.  The notch in the bamboo stabilizes the two parts together.  Use the string to tie the parts together and then write your label.

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  1. […] I love garden markers even though my garden isn’t like when we lived in a milder climate. All the same this is perfect for marking those herbs & plants in spring. These rustic, French inspired garden markers caught my attention. If your in need of more garden inspiration you can always visit Studio G. […]

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