Weekend Things

decurate wall containers

This week was a big one.  Leaf Spring 2012 came out on Monday and now that I have been though this process twice, I have learned a few things.   For me, giving birth to a magazine, is a bit like really giving birth and these things are something  you don’t recover from over-night.  To expect something different I have come to learn is unreasonable.  So I am glad for this slow weekend ahead, and I am looking forward to getting ahead of the catch-up and hopefully by Monday I will be all back to normal.

I hope you enjoy this springy weekend.  Take some time to Enjoy Leaf and if you get all done with that, here are a few more interesting things.

And finally, those Beautiful Hanging Containers in the picture above are by Decurate

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  1. Wow! The Spring edition was amazing! Congrats on another beautiful, intelligent, and inspiring edition! Hope you had a wonderful weekend of R&R!

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A Walkable Roller Coaster – Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain

A Walkable Roller Coaster – Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain

Isn’t this a fun thing?  Heike Mutter and Urlich Genthe‘s walkable roller coaster is nothing more than perfection in a modern landscape folly and  a a leisurely walkable delight. I have been studying this thing for at least 20 minutes now…I am trying to understand that loop-do-loop  — what do you think?  Can you walk…

The Final Garden of My Favorites

The Final Garden of My Favorites

As the NCAA Championship is slated for Monday night (I will not be watching because a) we got rid of cable television and b) there are no teams from North Carolina in the final game), it is appropriate that we wrap up the series on my favorite gardens by designating a champion. Just for a…

Daily Garden: Rose Garden

This garden goes with this video…..pretty picture…great tunes…enjoy…. (BTW– this is a classic pick-up truck plant shopping tune…nothing better than a truck full of plants, windows down and a little Lynn Anderson circa 1973 – you should try it) Have I ever mentioned that I L.O.A.T.H.E  rose gardens in the typical English public park garden…