Weekend Things

decurate wall containers

This week was a big one.  Leaf Spring 2012 came out on Monday and now that I have been though this process twice, I have learned a few things.   For me, giving birth to a magazine, is a bit like really giving birth and these things are something  you don’t recover from over-night.  To expect something different I have come to learn is unreasonable.  So I am glad for this slow weekend ahead, and I am looking forward to getting ahead of the catch-up and hopefully by Monday I will be all back to normal.

I hope you enjoy this springy weekend.  Take some time to Enjoy Leaf and if you get all done with that, here are a few more interesting things.

And finally, those Beautiful Hanging Containers in the picture above are by Decurate

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  1. Wow! The Spring edition was amazing! Congrats on another beautiful, intelligent, and inspiring edition! Hope you had a wonderful weekend of R&R!

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