I finally have a few moments to wrap up my most recent Can You Make This into a Garden?. Thanks for all your input, it really did make it better don’t you think? So I am ready to move on to the next one next week.

garden inspired by a thatrical fashionista Can you make this into a garden
Here is where the pictures came from that I didn’t already show you — SFGirlbybay (furniture), Purple and Yellow planting from Plan Eden (thanks Louise). I kind of love this garden and think it would be perfect for myself. I knew when we started, this might end up being my favorite.

Oh and I met our girl’s best friend over at JavaJune (a new blog favorite of mine).  Don’t you think they would have interesting conversations while hanging out on the daybed in our lovely garden?

boho-stle from java june blog

3 Responses to Inspired by A Theatrical Fashionista – Garden Design Moodboard

  1. WOW!
    Stunning – I want that garden, too!
    And the clothes…
    Awesome presentation – can’t wait to see the finished garden, all planted and growing!

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