I am preparing an article for Landscape Middle East about Natural Swimming Pools today (I am almost done — but as an epic procrastinator, instead of just finishing, here I am posting before and after shots of pools).

traditional pool to natural swimming pool conversion

(does anything look natural and beautiful about this to you?)

Anyway, I am a Natural Swimming Pool/Pond convert.   Actually probably not so much a convert as merely a new champion, because I was never a fan of traditional pools in the first place.  I am not drawn to swimming in them. I think it is a slightly subconscious revolt against swimming in a chemical bath (makes me think of old batman and robin shows); I truly hate what it does to my skin and hair and I don’t find it all that refreshing.

before and after natural swmming pool conversion

Which, besides being better for your health and the environment is exactly why Natural Swimming Pools are gaining in popularity.   Natural Swimming pools replace chemicals and chlorine with plants and natural filtering systems so that you can enjoy fresh softer water, not spend so much time and money on sterilizing things, and generally feel much better about making an environmentally sound choice for this garden feature.

images from woodhouse.

3 Responses to Before & After: Traditional Pool to Natural Swimming Pool Conversion

  1. Thank you for posting about these! I saw my favorite natural pool on a landscape design study abroad trip to Brazil. We were lucky to have the chance to tour a private garden designed by Roberto Burle Marx just outside of Rio. Instead of a bog “border”, a sand bottom stream ran through the entire property. This led to the pool, which bordered the long side of the patio. Steps from the patio led directly into the water and an overflow with a pump pushed the water back into the stream system. Ferns, moss and water plants were growing happily throughout and it blended perfectly into the garden. Incredible!!

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