I know it is a sort of a cliche post, but honestly I have had a bookmark to the NYT article about the Monticello garden for ages and have wanted to give a small shout out in its honor.   So really, forgive me of this presidents day obvious post and just sit back and enjoy the garden of arguably our most design oriented president. Thomas Jefferson.

thomas jefferson garden

thomas jefferson garden

All images (and more) from NYT.


2 Responses to A Presidential Garden in Honor of Presidents Day

  1. That’s a timely reminder – I was looking for some low-spray fruit options for zone 7. Odd that Jefferson favored peach over pear, but I should look into it. Could be the pest conditions have changed.

  2. Monticello’s one of our fav places to visit, especially in the spring when tulips and other bulbs are jamming out. The redbuds were in full effect last time we went, too. Stunning. Oh, and to the first commenter – if you’re anywhere near Charlottesville, there’s a great edible plant nursery in either Afton or Crozet.

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