After writing an article for Landscape Middle East in April about Adventure Playgrounds, I have to admit I am obsessed.  I find I am looking at nearly every American version of play with irritated disgust and am trying to figure out how I might integrate myself into a movement that will help bring more of these types of playgrounds to our communities.  (check out the article (page 48)and you will see what I mean)

Anyway, through the course of writing the piece, I met Frode Svane a photographer and similarly minded individual in Norway (he provided all the images for the story).  He recently emailed me about some study trips that he holds annually.  (I can’t make it work this year– but maybe next!)  If you are interested in learning more about Adventure playgrounds and re-capturing play for our children that doesn’t involve a world of immovable plastic you may want to attend.

Here are some of the details:

Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen. June 17-19. 2010
Berlin Study Trip June 23.- 26. 2010 (almost full)
“We shall have one whole day on bike with landscape architect Helle Nebelongin Copenhagen – and even one whole day on bike with playground designer and culturesociologist Benny Schytte.”  The tours will visit a variety of nature schools, kindergartens, and theme parks that feature adventure play areas.

You can find out more details of the trips here or here or you can email me and I can put you in touch with Frode directly.

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  1. Hello all, Opportunity for playground design from BSLA website….
    PRO BONO OPPORTUNITY – Boston Elementary School
    The Ohrenberger Elementary school, a Boston public school is hosting their annual GreenUp Day, on May 8. The goal is to the build community by bringing together the diverse community in the neighborhood to clean, plant and learn about ways to live more sustainably. Last year, neighboring businesses donated plants, soil, mulch etc. for the few green spaces around the school.

    A note from Rachael Acker, a parent co-chair, says “We have quite a bit of outdoor space, but we are in need of a landscape architect to help us design a usable space. We don’t have much funds, but perhaps there’s an opportunity for students who are looking for projects to add to their portfolio?

    Is this something the organization might be able to help with?” They may be contacted at

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