Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival is one of the newest shows, but has attracted international attention early on by inviting top designers from many countries.

When is it? The Singapore Garden festival is a biannual event that took place the first time in 2006 and then again 2008.  The next event will July 15 – 22, 2010.

Ticketing? At the time of writing this…the festival’s website was not working… I will update when the site becomes accessible.

Indoors/Outdoors,  Facility? The 2006 and 2008 shows where held indoors at the Suntec Convention Centre but it sounds like the 2010 show may be held outside.

Size? Growing quickly…see history.

Organizer? It is jointly organised by the National Parks Board of Singapore, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), the Orchid Society of South East Asia (Singapore), the Singapore Gardening Society and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

History? From Wikipedia:

The inaugural show, held at the Suntec City Convention Centre from December 16 to 25, 2006, attracted more than 200,000 visitors over a 10-day period. The 2nd Garden Show re-opened at Suntec City on July 25, 2008, and featured 18 show gardens, 14 floral displays by 35 local and foreign award-winning landscape and garden designers, florists and horticulturists from 17 countries. It also showcased an array of 40 orchid displays. In addition to this year’s Festival, a three-day expo invited 300 delegates and 3,000 trade visitors attending the trade event included in the programme. By the end of the Show on Friday August 1, 2008 an estimate of 300,000 people attended the eight-day event, with 30 per cent visitorship by overseas visitors. At the closing ceremony Minister for National Development Mr Mah Bow Tan announced the Festival is key in the strategy to boost Singapore’s transformation into a city in a garden and raising the bar the landscaping and horticulture industry.

The Festival will be relocated to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay when it opens in phases from 2010.

Responses to the show…My own opinion of the show – if I have been there…reviews, blog comments…whatever I can find from peoplewho have actually attended or participated: I haven’t been, but can’t wait to attend (maybe in 2010).  Here is reference page full of blog posts from various people regarding the show.
singapore garden festival inspiration
1. Garden#3, 2. circles, 3. Garden#2, 4. Terracotta Cactus, 5. recyled flower vase, 6. Singapore Garden Festival 2008, 7. Hanging.., 8. Papua New Guinea Exhibit, 9. Frame, 10. Cacti cupcakes, 11. Face of the Festival, 12. The Half-Open Gate, 13. Seeking Shangri-la, 14. Patterns, 15. Colours, 16. Singapore Garden Festival 2008

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  1. aash.koh on February 9, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Great writeup on Singapore. I love the place too, especially its local food. Though it can be abit too spicy at times. Thats singapore tourism for you. =)

  2. ARIJIT GHOSH on December 21, 2009 at 7:40 am

    We want to visit Singapore Garden Festival on 17th July 2010 morning.
    We are a group of 12 visitors from India.
    Need details like timing, guide, entry fees, total time required to visit (approximate) so.

  3. lin chan on July 15, 2010 at 11:32 am

    i could send you some photos for this year .. 2010

  4. Siem reap on February 2, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Going on a business trip can turn into a traumatic event for the less-traveled individual. Dealing with airports, hotels, taxis, and wondering when to tip and how much can all be unsettling circumstances for someone who has never been out of their own hometown. In addition, a business opportunity, that requires relocation, may be more likely to be passed up by a person unwilling to travel.

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