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Corrour Lodge is a modern twist on the classic Scottish shooting and hunting lodge.  The original lodge burned but was rebuilt in 2003 by architect  Moshe Safdie.  Fitting into the Highland environment and surrounding the lodge are the beautiful wild gardens designed by Jinny Blom.

northefield editions courrer lodge

Jinny Blom is a master of creating the wild and beautiful meadow gardens and the images captured by Allan Pollock Morris are beautiful.   (click through to follow Allan’s Northfiled Editions Collection on Facebook).


Vicia cracca

Throughout the property there are beautiful details.  The sauna has a wild green roof and the sculpture in the trees is by Antony Gormley.  Jinny took pains to create a victorian alpine garden and reinterpreted the ‘antigarden’, as an experimental approach to non-interventionist gardening. The intent was to tend to and renovate native plantations – the results beautiful – don’t you think?


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  1. This inspiration post is amazing!

    I am new to your blog but I really enjoy it! Do you have a Twitter or a Facebook we could connect on? I’m marking you as a favorite on my tabs, the photos you have are just great!

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    • Hi JKE — I am on twitter and facebook — the little symbols over in the right hand column will connect you directly to the studio ‘g’ facebook page as well as my twitter (which is @rgreayer)

  2. That moss covered forest floor just made me swoon! And I’m not usually a fan of round water features, but for some reason I love that one. It looks like it might be some ancient well or something.

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